Capsules 203: Master Class

Solid Dose University’s capsules master class is designed for professionals aiming to master the art and science of capsule filling technology.

Start on September 23, 2025

All of our courses are all-inclusive, including food and a hotel room.

Skills You'll Develop

Leadership in Encapsulation Operations

Proficiency in Tablet Press Operation and Troubleshooting

Efficiency Optimization

Leadership in Managing Tablet Press Maintenance and Optimization

High-Speed Automation Integration

Expertise in Diagnosing Mechanical and Production Issues

Regulatory Compliance

Ability to Perform Root-Cause Analysis for Tablet Press Problems

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Skill in Preventative Maintenance for Tablet Presses

Innovative Capsule Design

Insight into Optimizing Tablet Press Production Lines for Maximum Efficiency

Root Cause Analysis

Advanced Knowledge in Tablet Press Setup and Calibration

Project Management

Understanding the Relationship Between Formulation, Tablet Design, and Manufacturing Challenges

Capsules 203: Master Class

3 days in Fort Worth, TX

Through hands-on workshops, participants will engage in sophisticated capsule filling projects, pushing the boundaries of innovation and precision in capsule design and functionality. This premier course goes into advanced topics such as the implementation of high-speed automation, cutting-edge troubleshooting techniques, and keeping pace with the latest industry trends and regulatory standards.

Course Outcomes: You will acquire the skills to lead a team of engineers and operators in maintaining, setting up, and repairing encapsulation machines. You will also become proficient in performing root cause analysis for any issues with capsule fillers. Furthermore, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of how to establish a capsule production facility for optimal efficiency.

Enrollment Requirements: Completion of SDU’s 202 encapsulation class or 5 years of encapsulation maintenance experience.

You'll receive:

Course Certificate upon Completion

On the last day of class, you will receive a personalized, embossed certification that declares you have completed one of SDU’s capsules courses. This credential not only validates your expertise and dedication to continuous learning but also positions you as a valuable asset in solid dose manufacturing.

Capsules Course Professor

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John Karmazin

John Karmazin's diverse career began in retail at JCPenney, where he developed foundational customer service skills before moving into a role at Northeastern Building Supply and Kitchen Design in Jackson, NJ, gaining experience with general contracting materials and heavy machinery. In 2014, he transitioned to Index as the shipping and receiving manager, quickly advancing to a mechanical service technician under the mentorship of an industry veteran with over 40 years in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Today, as a lead mechanic at Index, John specializes in assembling, maintaining, and training on high-tech capsule filling and polishing equipment, such as the Index K120i and K90i capsule fillers. His role at Solid Dose University involves training professionals on the operation, troubleshooting, and optimization of capsule filling machinery, leveraging his extensive practical knowledge to enhance workforce readiness in the solid dose manufacturing industry.