Tableting 104: Tooling & Tablet Design

Our hands-on course in Tooling and Tablet Design at Solid Dose University presents a practical exploration into the structural elements of tablet manufacturing.

Start on September 17

All of our courses are all-inclusive, including food and a hotel room.

Skills You'll Develop

Die and Punch Design

Proficiency in Tablet Press Operation and Troubleshooting

Defect Analysis and Mitigation

Leadership in Managing Tablet Press Maintenance and Optimization

Tooling Material Selection

Expertise in Diagnosing Mechanical and Production Issues

Innovative Design Application

Ability to Perform Root-Cause Analysis for Tablet Press Problems

Tablet Architecture Understanding

Skill in Preventative Maintenance for Tablet Presses

Quality Control in Design

Insight into Optimizing Tablet Press Production Lines for Maximum Efficiency

Operational Adaptability

Advanced Knowledge in Tablet Press Setup and Calibration

Problem Solving in Tablet Formulation

Understanding the Relationship Between Formulation, Tablet Design, and Manufacturing Challenges

Tableting 104: Tooling & Tablet Design

2 days in North Huntingdon, PA

The course allows you to delve into the detailed design of dies and punches, material choices, and the engineering required to produce tablets of different shapes, sizes, and functionalities, ensuring your products are both effective and market-competitive.

Course Outcomes: You will grasp the basic principles of how tablet design influences the operation of a tablet press. You will learn about the limitations inherent to tablet design and how to adjust press performance as you encounter these limitations to address design challenges. Additionally, you will understand the connection between formulation, tablet defects, and design, and learn strategies to mitigate these issues through optimal tablet design.

Enrollment Requirements: None

You'll receive:

Course Certificate upon Completion

On the last day of class, you will receive a personalized, embossed certification that declares you have completed one of SDU’s tableting courses. This credential not only validates your expertise and dedication to continuous learning but also positions you as a valuable asset in solid dose manufacturing.

Tableting 104 Course Professor

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Andrew Lapinksy

Andrew Lapinsky, with a Mechanical Engineering Technology background from Pennsylvania State University, has been with Elizabeth Tooling since 1989. In his over three decades of tenure, primarily in engineering, he advanced to Manager of Engineering and CNC programming, focusing on compression tooling and tablet design. His work includes integrating CNC technology, expertise in CADD 3-D modeling, and conducting training seminars on tablet design and troubleshooting in various countries.