Tableting 101: Beginner Level

Our entry-level course at Solid Dose University lays a solid foundation in the fundamentals of tablet production, emphasizing direct compression methods.

Start on May 14

All of our courses are all-inclusive, including food and a hotel room.

Skills You'll Develop

Operation of Tablet Press Machines

Proficiency in Tablet Press Operation and Troubleshooting

Process Optimization

Leadership in Managing Tablet Press Maintenance and Optimization

Problem Identification and Diagnosis

Expertise in Diagnosing Mechanical and Production Issues

Hands-On Machine Experience

Ability to Perform Root-Cause Analysis for Tablet Press Problems

Quality Control and Assurance

Skill in Preventative Maintenance for Tablet Presses

Safety and Maintenance

Insight into Optimizing Tablet Press Production Lines for Maximum Efficiency

Mechanical Troubleshooting

Advanced Knowledge in Tablet Press Setup and Calibration

Regulatory Compliance

Understanding the Relationship Between Formulation, Tablet Design, and Manufacturing Challenges

Tableting 101: Beginner Level

3 days in North Huntingdon, PA

Participants will gain hands-on experience, setting up and operating tablet press machines to produce tablets that adhere to rigorous industry standards for weight, hardness, and dissolution. By the end of this three-day training session, students will confidently operate tablet presses, identify and diagnose common manufacturing issues, and address basic mechanical problems. This practical approach ensures not only learning but also application of knowledge in real-world settings.

Course Outcomes: After completing this 3-day training session, you will feel confident operating tablet presses. You will also gain the ability to recognize and address common tablet manufacturing problems and perform basic mechanical diagnostics.

Enrollment Requirements: None

You'll receive:

Course Certificate upon Completion

On the last day of class, you will receive a personalized, embossed certification that declares you have completed one of SDU’s tableting courses. This credential not only validates your expertise and dedication to continuous learning but also positions you as a valuable asset in solid dose manufacturing.

Tableting 101 Course Professor

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Jeffrey Lucas

Since joining Scheu & Kniss in 1987, Jeffrey Lucas has gathered over 30 years of experience in tablet press operations, starting in the Press Rebuild Department. Promoted to Rebuild Department Supervisor in 1999, he managed the reconditioning process, working with customers and teams to ensure top service. He also began offering onsite tablet press setup and maintenance training across North America. As Technical Service Manager since 2005, he provides technical support, works closely with the Elizabeth Tooling division on tablet design and troubleshooting, and recently started supporting the sales team to promote replacement parts and turret repair services.