Gummies 301: Beginner Level

Our entry-level course provides a foundational introduction to gummy manufacturing, covering ingredient selection, basic machine operations, and the essential techniques needed to start producing high-quality gummies.

Start on January 21, 2025

All of our courses are all-inclusive, including food, a hotel room, and transportation.

Skills You'll Develop

Ingredient Selection

Proficiency in Tablet Press Operation and Troubleshooting

Molding and Setting

Leadership in Managing Tablet Press Maintenance and Optimization

Understanding Gelation

Expertise in Diagnosing Mechanical and Production Issues

Flavor Profiling

Ability to Perform Root-Cause Analysis for Tablet Press Problems

Gummy Machine Operation

Skill in Preventative Maintenance for Tablet Presses

Color Selection

Insight into Optimizing Tablet Press Production Lines for Maximum Efficiency

Mixing Techniques

Advanced Knowledge in Tablet Press Setup and Calibration

Troubleshooting Gummy Issues

Understanding the Relationship Between Formulation, Tablet Design, and Manufacturing Challenges

Gummies 301: Beginner Level

3 days in Springfield, MO

In this course, participants will learn how to select the right ingredients, understand the science of gelation, and operate gummy making machines, gaining practical experience through each stage of the process. Hands-on experiments will guide students in producing their first batch of gummies, emphasizing essential techniques such as mixing, setting, and molding. Additionally, the course highlights the critical roles of flavor and color selection to ensure the gummies are not only effective but also visually appealing and tasty. By the end of this 3-day training session, participants will feel confident in operating gummy machines, identifying and troubleshooting common manufacturing issues, and addressing basic mechanical problems.

Course Outcomes: After completing this 3-day training session, you will be comfortable operating gummy machines. You will also be capable of identifying common manufacturing issues and diagnosing basic mechanical problems in gummy production.

Enrollment Requirements: None

You'll receive:

Course Certificate upon Completion

On the last day of class, you will receive a personalized, embossed certification that declares you have completed one of SDU’s gummies courses. This credential not only validates your expertise and dedication to continuous learning but also positions you as a valuable asset in solid dose manufacturing.

Gummies 301 Course Professor

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